Sewa ... What's in a name?

Sewa ... What's in a name?

Here goes our first blog!

I have to admit I am more than a little anxious about starting a blog but there is so much we have to share with you about the brand, the stories behind our products, the science behind our products and so much more.

We thought a good place to start was the name of the brand - Sewa! 

Sewa pronounced (share wa), means to "make beauty" in the native tongue of the Yoruba people of West Africa.  

The word is made up of two words, "Se" meaning to make, and "ewa" meaning beauty. When combined they come together to "make beauty".

We wanted a brand name that had a universal message while connecting to our African heritage. The name of the brand carries 2 fundamental truths.

1. Everyone is beautiful

As cliché as it sounds, I honestly believe everyone is beautiful!  Yup, I am one of those never ending optimism people LOL. You are inherently beautiful and there is nothing in our products (or any product for that matter) that will make you more beautiful than you already are! The most they will do is sustain or enhance beauty that is already there. You are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are absolutely beautiful!!!!

2. Everyone can make beauty

We all have the ability to bring beauty to the world around us in small and big ways. To us beauty is anything that brings joy and happiness to another person, and that my friend is our greatest super power. Today I challenge you to take at least just 1 minute to make some beauty around you. It could be a simple as a gifting a stranger a smile or taking time for some much needed self care.

So  that's why we chose the name "Sewa" so whenever you hear it you remember you are beautiful and that you can make beauty every where you go.

Remain beautiful!


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