The Sewa Story

Sewa Skincare Co was inspired by my darling mum Adenrele.

I discovered early in my life that natural herbs, oils, butters, and clays
indigenous to my home country (Nigeria) worked to treat skin blemishes and promote healthy skin. As a child I had skin irritation caused by food allergies and when my mother got frustrated with over-the-counter steroids she sought knowledge from local African herb knowledge keepers and formulated my skincare using indigenous African ingredients that cleared up my skin.

When I became a mom, I followed my mother's tradition, made skincare for my daughters and Sewa Skincare was born! 

Sewa pronounced (share wa), means to "make beauty" in the native tongue of the Yoruba people of West Africa.

For centuries African women have used indigenous raw materials to formulate effective skincare products to sustain their beautiful skin and Africa has incredible skincare value and knowledge to share.

At Sewa Skincare our goal is to discover the many skin healing treasures indigenous to African countries/tribes and through that share the excellence and intelligence of our heritage.

We love discovering, making and sharing our products and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Remain Beautiful!

Sewa Skincare is founded on a proud history of discovery & continuous improvement