The Sewa Story - How a mother's love birthed a global brand

My beautiful mama😘


My name is Yoyin and Sewa Skincare Co was inspired by my darling mum - Adenrele. 

As a child I had very bad skin rashes (dermatitis) resulting from food allergies. After unsuccessfully trying several over the counter solutions, my (pretty frustrated) mum sought knowledge from local African herb experts and formulated my skincare using natural indigenous African ingredients.

When I became a mom, I decided to follow my mother's tradition and formulated skincare for my daughters using her recipes. Soon enough, family and friends were asking me to share my creations and Sewa Skincare was born! 

For centuries African women have used indigenous raw materials to formulate highly effective skincare products to sustain their beautiful skin, our brand is built the excellence and intelligence of this amazing heritage.

Sewa Skincare is a skincare brand built on the belief that skincare does not have to be complicated, skincare can be simple and effective. I truly love making and sharing my simple, effective formulations and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Remain beautiful!